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I'm looking for reviewers for Prophecy of Thol, book 1 in the series.

You can read a sample of Prophecy of Thol, or the whole book for free, which is pretty hefty and includes a map of Thol, pictures of 3 of the creatures, and a glossary of everything you could possibly think of. Not everything is included the sample.

Prophecy of Thol is the first book I wrote, and it sat on a shelf from the mid 1980s until I dragged it out and completely rewrote and published it in 2017. It is the first book in the series. I'm currently working on book 5 and expect to finish the writing by sometime in June. 

This is a story about a 17-year-old girl who vanishes into a fog convergence in the parking lot of Katy Mills Mall, West of Houston, TX on I-10, in front of witnesses.

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Many authors are also independent publishers. In my case, I’m the author/publisher/box packer/shipper/stand-in-line-at-the-post office gal for two of my books: my hardcover The Puppy Baby Book, and the Hot Chocolate paperback.

When you see my books on Amazon or other sites, I receive the purchase order from the store and I ship the books to those sites, or directly to the buyer.

If you wanted an autograph, you won’t get one this way unless you turn around and send the book to me requesting an autograph — paying shipping three times.


Order directly from me and request an autograph and you will have your signed book! Everyone is happy! I get to keep all the money and you get your autograph!


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What a fun story! This is one of those books that made me laugh out loud more than once. I love the characters and the story keeps you on your toes. The setting in the south is fun too. This author is definitely onto something – can’t wait for more from her! 

– Katy D

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