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Roman Davenport thought he was the only shifter in existence—a freak. He first shifted to a panther when he was twenty years old. Now, in his forties, he and his panther are so lonely.

Then he rescued Gage Stryker, an eagle that had been shot from the sky with an arrow through his wing. Like Roman, Gage thought he was the only shifter.

Roman and Gage were so happy to have found each other. They spent the next fifty years searching for their kind—and searching for mates. Relationships with women were short—most only wanted the limelight of the city’s two most eligible bachelors.

Then Ari Davis crossed their path.

The woman was seventy but looked not quite fifty, with thick white hair to her waist. The attraction was a powerful pull for all three of them.

Ari was so confused by the strong attraction to the men—that was barely older than her two sons—that she fled to Mexico for a week to try to get her head straight. When she returned home, they were there—waiting for her.

Nothing would ever be the same for any of them again. They formed a bond that could never be broken.  Get your copy today!  Purchase by clicking below.

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Roman is gone. Shot with a tranquilizer dart. Abducted to an unknown location by way of a helicopter. Panther Industries Security Division watches all airports within a 300-mile radius.

They discover the helicopter landed at an airport in Massachusetts. Due to terrorism, flight information is highly guarded, but Lonnie knows Travis can hack into anything to get what they need.

Travis discovers the pilot’s name and the destination is Italy. Someone must have paid off people because not only is no city destination listed, but there are no exotic animal documents for Roman’s panther.

Gage, Jason and Kevin help Ari cope. She’s barely over her own horrific experience and now with Roman’s kidnapping, she’s fragile.

The Navajos come to Gage’s aid. Ari has a dream-like experience—remote viewing—where she sees through Roman’s panther eyes. She tells them Roman is drugged in a cell. It looks like a rounded room made of stone—maybe a tower—in a very old building. She thought she saw a banner flapping in the wind through the bars of a small high window.

Gage asks her if there are any words on the banner. She says ‘Something, Something Palazzo’.  Purchase now, click below!

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Where is Gage?


The Panther Industries Security Division scours storefront cameras and satellite data, hoping to get a fix on his location.

Gage’s bank account pings when he withdraws a large amount of cash, but the Division still can’t find him. They speculate that his ongoing silence has something to do with his recent head injury.

Four days after his disappearance, a shifter recognizes Gage in a biker bar in Arkansas, and reports back to Roman. Soon, Gage’s closest friends and a team of commandos fly to Arkansas to retrieve him. Gage doesn’t recognize anyone. He finds himself being hauled out of the bar, shoved into a helicopter, and loaded onto a jet.

Dr. Tanner determines Gage has TBI: Traumatic Brain Injury caused by a concussion.  The doctor and Mr. Tran, the herbalist begin treatment immediately. Gage is less than cooperative with everyone except Eddie. He adores her. She talks to him about his eagle—he scoffs at the notion he is anything other than human.

Ari receives a special delivery letter from an attorney. She meets with the attorney and discovers that her Uncle Charles—whom she never knew existed—has passed away. Her uncle left his entire estate to Ari.  Don't miss a moment - purchase below!

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