Some of my screenplays are now books!

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Plan B

Dark comedy. Screenplay: 103 pages.
Book: 168 pages


Logline: A family’s rationality snaps after trying to deal with their out of control teenager; they decide it’s time for Plan B... kill the little bastard... and get away with it.




They’re out there – families silently dealing with rotten teenagers. The Undertosh family decided that they were sick of walking on eggshells around Juice (Kevin), their juvenile delinquent teen, who has been to court more than an ambulance-chasing attorney. 


Bert and Fern, along with Juice’s grand parents, and his younger siblings, take a family vote and decide that they’ve been tormented enough. Juice has to go. But they don’t want to put him on the street where he can wreak havoc on someone else. 


They are going to take matters into their own hands regardless of what Dr. Robbell, the nutjob psychiatrist says. 


The plan is to capture Juice and make it look like he ran away from home, minus his friends Wormie, Blowpipe and Edsel.


The family goes on a shopping spree. They buy thick rope, cattle prods, and rat poison. All part of the plan until someone mentions an autopsy. What if the cops think they murdered Juice? 


That won’t do. 


Bert and Grandpa convert the spare bedroom into a padded cell and wait for the right moment. When they finally get Juice into custody, they try a series of events that should have ended in Juice’s demise, but backfired on Fern. 


Through all of the experiences with his now-crazed family, Juice sees the light of day. Slowly but surely, he reverts back to the thoughtful boy he used to be. 


Gone are the grunge clothes, the pigsty bedroom, and the attitudes and traits he developed. 


When his little brother comes home from school with a black eye from a gang trying to get him to join, Juice calls his friends. They meet up and confront the gang. Its head butting time — something Juice and his friends are good at from their own brand of slam dancing. The gang members limp away never to bother Kevin again.

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