A portal pulled D’laine Jackson from Earth to the exotic world of Thol. While this world is beautiful to gaze upon danger lurks everywhere. Bluish-silver fields of moss ground-covering changes colors across regions. The mighty agrin trees make a Redwood look like a sapling. Their purple bark is decorated with sparkly Spanish moss-type foliage that hangs down and spreads from tree to tree.

Egroms range between seven to eight feet tall, have four arms, white fur and red glowing eyes. While they have pointy teeth, they are vegetarians. These creatures can either heal or kill with a thought.

Plotals are just as tall as Egroms. Somewhere through their evolution they took on humanoid forms with alligator traits. Their bodies are covered with mottled green scales and dirty mauve colored skin.


These creatures differed from their Earth relatives in two places: a three-inch wide Mohawk of scales that start about an inch above the eyes to the small of the back, and a tail pod that opened to display deadly barbs the Plotal uses in battle. Plotals eyes are yellow and split down the middle by a streak of brown.

Diwal Dogs are around the size of a Rottweiler dog, but that’s where the similarities stop. They have slick, oily, hairless bodies. Their tails are like the Plotals, with a pod on the end that opens to deadly barbs. Diwals have two sets of teeth. These dogs are akin to what a land piranha would be like. They can take down a pakow, similar to a wooly mammoth, in a matter of moments.


Diwals always sound an attack alert. Their teeth clack in a hypnotic rhythm when they are in blood lust. They travel in packs.



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