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Lee began having strange dreams shortly after the trip to the cave at the crest of Ingosaquille on the Aguberro mountains. Ethaderia woke one morning to discover Lee sported a trimmed beard. He didn’t have one the night before.

Ghury proclaims Lee is the direct descendant of King Jangston. No one in the palace at Ebscalon had ever heard of him. Research uncovered that several hundred paths ago, King Jangston ruled all of Thol.

Everyone agreed something strange was going on with Lee. 

Finally, after the eight kingdoms, along with Ta’Byu’Vohon and the Cember Forest villages recovered from the devastating churling, Ebscalon introduces D’laine and Trakon’s twins: Jesslin and Kal-Dan.

D’laine shocks everyone at the event, including her family and friends, with the shocking revelation about evolutionary and physiological changes to come. Not everyone is happy about that.

Foota sticks her head in Jamie’s window. One of the twins needs help!

The boys discover thing