Thol is a welcome haven for Earthlings whose gifts benefit all Tholians. More Earthlings emigrate. They get to watch a baseball game between the Plotals and the Egroms.

D’laine is snatched from a crestrider by a never-before seen insect-man. Trakon, Herish and the Ebscalon fleet pursue.

Ekka gets sick. The large borjo appears to be on deaths door. Jamie is frantic. The Visionary, Ghury and D’laine determine what is wrong—poison!

Ebscalon and the other kingdoms are in the direct path of a churling—a huge storm that surpasses any hurricane on Earth. Treachery comes on the eve of storm recovery, almost leading to war.

They make the trip to the caves in the Aguberro mountains. Ghury discovers that Lee is the direct descendant of the King of Thol.

Love of Thol eBook

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