Puppy Adoption and Beyond isn’t a story book. The book contains 24 articles about raising and caring for a puppy. Take a look:


1. Are You Thinking About Adopting a Puppy?

2. When to Adopt a Puppy

3. Should you Adopt from a Shelter, Rescue or Breeder?

4. Puppy Mill: The New Horror Story

5. Bringing the New Puppy Home

6. Caring for Your New Puppy

7. Puppy Potty Training 101

8. Three Life-Saving Commands

9. Praise Your Puppy

10. Who’s in Charge?

11. You are the Alpha in Your Pack

12. You are the Alpha, Part II

13. Older Adopted Puppy’s Bad Habits

14. When Puppy Bites

15. Is my Puppy Deaf?

16. Protecting Your Puppy from Poisons

17. Choking Hazards

18. Vacation Dangers

19. How Old is my Doggy?

20. Paw Pad Care

21. Could There be Bugs and Mold in Your Puppy Kibble?

22. Keep Your Pets Safe for Halloween

23. When They Leave Us

24. Your Dog’s Memory—You are so Screwed