Roman is gone. Shot with a tranquilizer dart. Abducted to an unknown location by way of a helicopter. Panther Industries Security Division watches all airports within a 300-mile radius.


They discover the helicopter landed at an airport in Massachusetts. Due to terrorism, flight information is highly guarded, but Lonnie knows Travis can hack into anything to get what they need.

Travis discovers the pilot’s name and the destination is Italy. Someone must have paid off people because not only is no city destination listed, but there are no exotic animal documents for Roman’s panther.

Gage, Jason and Kevin help Ari cope. She’s barely over her own horrific experience and now with Roman’s kidnapping, she’s fragile.

The Navajos come to Gage’s aid. Ari has a dream-like experience—remote viewing—where she sees through Roman’s panther eyes. She tells them Roman is drugged in a cell. It looks like a rounded room made of stone—maybe a tower—in a very old building. She thought she saw a banner flapping in the wind through the bars of a small high window.

Gage asks her if there are any words on the banner. She says ‘Something, Something Palazzo’.

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