The 4th book in the Bonded shapeshifter series by DG Ireland contains nonstop action. Crisis after crisis stacks up. Six very large strangers come to the San Marcos Panther location seeking asylum.


Roman, Gage, Ari and Sherm wonder how many university students arrive on campus in a child’s car seat. Eddie’s professor’s question whether they can teach her anything at all. She astounds all when she substitutes a class for a sick professor.


Friends and foes show up and things get ugly. They make discoveries from the past. Ari’s uncle Charles was a force to be reckoned with in his day, something Roman identifies with as the strong and ferocious alpha of the Panther-OPERA clan who everyone defers to.


Treachery overtakes the family. One of their own is kidnapped, and it almost kills two of their people in their defenses.


Don’t miss the first chapter of the 5th book, included in this volume.