When the boundaries blur between dreams and reality, a woman must learn to trust her dream lover.

What if you learned that everything you thought you knew about your quiet, ordinary life was a lie?

And what if you discovered that a far-away world in trouble, an insane rebel, and coming to grips with your husband’s death had more in common than you’d ever expect?

Alma fears for her sanity and the safety of her children in a dangerous adventure that takes her to the depths of space, where a vehicle isn’t even necessary.

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DYSTOPIAN AT ITS BEST!  Book Excellence Award Winner! 


Dystopian at its Best!After the Unified World Pact of 2045, people lived in a state of peace and prosperity previously unknown in human history. The World Guild, a new global government, managed all the needs of humanity and the animals it love.

Then in 2086, a security breach of Xavier Labs in Colorado and Zheng Industries in China released the deadly experimental agent XSKL435. Anyone outside was dead within minutes.

As statistics on the death toll are gathered from all over the world, Abby, the six-week old dog-daughter of Bill and Teresa Maxwell, was one of only four known surviving canines. News services soon announce that the other three dogs had succumbed to the deadly poison. Abby was now the last dog.

You’re invited on a journey with a puppy who longs for home after she is confiscated and held captive at a lab, and the family who are determined to get her back at all costs.

After escaping from the lab, Abby must quickly learn how to survive in the wild. Bill and Teresa must devise a plan to find Abby without being arrested themselves.


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Jenna Wilder is caught in a web of terror as creatures from another dimension hound her for attention – she isn’t grounded and it could cost her — her very life.


The Far Corner is an intense psychological, supernatural horror narrative reminiscent of movies like The Sixth Sense, Gothika, or even Jacob’s Ladder.


Two investigators of paranormal phenomena take the case of a driven businesswoman who collapses into psychosis raving of creatures from another dimension.


  • Finalist ~ Script Competition, 11/2017

  • Finalist ~ Reel Writers Script Competition, 9/2015

  • Semifinalist ~ Screencraft Horror Competition, 8/2015

  • Finalist ~ Inroads Screenwriting Fellowship 5/2020

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The Far Corner

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